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If you need legal counsel or representation, look no further than Richard P. Martin Co., L.P.A. Attorney Martin is a Stow, Ohio lawyer who's known for his unwavering dedication to his clients. For the last 40 years, he's gone above and beyond to assist people like you. Contact him today to request a consultation.

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Richard P. Martin is a highly qualified legal advocate. Drawing on an encyclopedic knowledge of the law, he can handle a variety of legal cases and issues in a holistic manner. The holistic approach to law uniquely addresses the clients legal needs in order to return your life to legal equilibrium. Solving one problem alone may not be enough. Balance can only be achieved by addressing all legal areas giving rise to your present legal situation. This is what makes us unique in our approach to law. If you live in the region around Stow or Hudson, Ohio, call 330-686-1708 to request a consultation about:

Personal injury law | Civil litigation | Estate planning | Probate law | DUI defense | Real estate law | Bankruptcy| Divorce and Family law

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Were you arrested for driving under the influence? Were you involved in an accident at work or on the road?

If so, it's important that you take steps to protect your legal and constitutional rights. Contact Richard P. Martin immediately. He'll provide you with sound advice and diligent representation. Call 330-686-1708 to schedule a consultation.

Our Holistic Approach to the law

The Law is complex and as a result, a legal problem in one area can affect and be affected by legal problems in other areas. Our firm takes a "holistic" view of the legal process and can assist you in determining which areas of law are in need of attention to better assist you in returning your life to legal equilibrium. Example: Domestic Problems (divorce) are many times caused by financial problems (bankruptcy)brought on by injury problems (car wreck or workers' compensation). Solving one problem alone may not be enough. Balance can only be achieved by addressing all legal areas giving rise to your present legal situation. Our approach to the legal process in a "holistic" manner will better achieve this result. We are available 24 hours a day for a free consultation.

Whether your legal problem involves financial matters, business matters, injury matters, traffic matters, disability matters, employment problems, new vehicle repair/warranty problems, domestic relations situations, divorce or otherwise, seek legal assistance. Remember, everything you say can and will be used against you. Your lawyer brings to each and every legal problem, superior knowledge of the laws that are affected by that particular problem, and everything you say to your lawyer cannot be used against you. You, as a Sovereign Citizen hold the highest office united states of America. You as a Sovereign Citizen are charged with the infinite knowledge of all laws. Don't be fooled into stupidity. It's okay to be "ignorant" about any matter whatsoever because ignorance is curable with "knowledge", yours or someone else's. Once you have been given the gift of knowledge, to persist as if you have no knowledge is "stupidity". We all need help with many things. Lawyers bring the gift of knowledge to you so that you no longer need be a victim of your circumstances. Take control of your life, partake of the knowledge that is being offered to you by your lawyer, come out of ignorance and be worthy to assume your position as "one who holds the highest office in the land."