What is your “Duty” as my Attorney?

What is your “Duty” as my Attorney?

It is not the Attorney’s duty to “win” his/her client’s case. He/she can’t. His/her duty is to represent his/her client, zealously and with his/her best skills, saying and doing for him/her what he/she cannot say and do for himself/herself.​

How will you get paid?

As a rule, Lawyers are paid one of three ways. (1) Contingency Fees are paid in cases such as Workers' Compensation, and Personal Injury. This means that your Lawyer will be paid a percentage of the settlement or award that you receive. The percentage is agreed upon at the onset of your case, costs are your responsibility. (2) Attorneys are paid for their Hourly Time for matters over which they have limited control such as Divorce, General Litigation, General Representation and trial work. (3) Finally, for matters where the Attorney can control all or part of the aspects of the case such as DUI/DUS, Wills, Living Trusts and Corporation formation, Attorneys are paid a Fixed Fee that is agreed to in advance before the Attorney begins work. All work performed by an Attorney should be based upon terms and conditions set forth in a written fee agreement.

Why don't you return my phone calls?

Just like other professionals, Attorneys have appointments to keep daily. Attorneys are also expected to keep court dates and other legal appointments such as Depositions, Mediations, Pretrials, Trials, etc. Calls from clients are very important and are always returned at the earliest possible opportunity. Please be patient. If you have a real emergency,please explain your situation to the office staff when you call and every effort will be made to accommodate you.

How long will my case take?

Clients need to be aware that the legal process can be a long and involved process. Cases such as Divorce and Personal injury can take years to finally resolve. More simple matters such as drafting a Last Will and Testament or Power of Attorney can take as little as days or a week to finish. Our attorney's will work efficiently to adequately represent our client's legal needs and provide the best possible outcome.

Do I Have a Case?

When a potential client contacts our office, only limited information can be exchanged. This limited information will not always permit the Attorney to advise on the best course of action. If the Attorney feels the need to meet with you to advise further, an appointment will be set to discuss your case in greater detail. After meeting with you, the Attorney can then advise you on whether legal action should be taken and if so on what terms and conditions.

Will I have to appear in court?

Depending on your type of legal matter, yes, you may have to appear in court. Of course, our Attorney's will advise you well in advance and prepare you on what to expect, how to dress and how to handle yourself in court. Keep in mind, for our firm to adequately represent you, your appearance in court can be an important aspect of your case.

Will you handle my case personally?

The assigned Attorney is responsible for every aspect of your case. Responsibilities can be shared among various office personnel to maximize the efficient management of your case.

Do you have evening and weekend hours?

Evening and weekend appointments can be made for special circumstances. If your work hours or circumstances require a special appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you.

What can I do to help my case?

Listen to the instructions your Attorney gives you and follow them. Your Attorney knows how to handle your case but only with your continuous help and cooperation. Remember, the case is not about the Attorney, it’s about “you”.