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If you were to pass away tomorrow, what would your legacy be? It's important to have answers to critical questions about your estate, including:
    • What would happen to your assets?
    • Who would receive your possessions?
    • Which of your heirs would be in charge of administrating your estate?
    • If you're unprepared for the future, contact Richard P. Martin Co., L.P.A. Attorney Martin is an estate planning lawyer who can help you make important decisions about your property. He's skilled at drafting estate documents and formulating plans. He can assist with:

      • Wills and living wills
      • Trusts and living trusts
      • Survivorship plans
      • Transfer on death (TOD)
      • POD accounts
      • Probate avoidance
      • Tax planning
      • Family limited partnerships
      • Charitable remainder trusts
      • Irrevocable insurance trusts
      • Medical powers of attorney documents
      • General powers of attorney documents
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    Did your relative or loved pass away recently? Do you need help streamlining the probate process? Contact Richard P. Martin. He's a qualified attorney who can help you administer an estate. He can guide you through every stage of the probate court process. Call Richard P. Martin at 330-686-1708 to schedule a consultation.