Corporate Law

In Stow and Hudson, OH, Business Planning is all about limited liability protection, tax reduction/elimination and creating wealth

The following information should help you and answer some of your questions.

​The creation of different types of business operational entities provide differing results.

​The way your business entity is created can have a dramatic effect on its ability to achieve the desired result.

​A carefully planned business entity can authorize numerous fringe benefits, loans to officers, pension, profit sharing plans and many other vehicles by which funds generated by the entity can be spent pre-tax to enable its owners to create tremendous wealth.

Your business planning lawyer can bring his superior knowledge to the creation and operation your business entity, interlocking business tax planning/avoidance with personal wealth creation.

Your business planning lawyer can work closely with CPA's and Investment Advisors to craft a plan most desirable for you and your business entity.

​Your business planning lawyer can link your business plan to your personal estate plan to totally encompass all of your financial planning needs.

​All of your advisors, legal, accounting, and investment planning must first and foremost be "investments" for you and your business entity and not "expenses." As investments, these planners justify their existence by demonstrating their ability to work together to provide tax reduction/avoidance and wealth creation for you and your business entity.

​When an advisor, legal or otherwise ceases to be an "investment" and becomes a mere "expense" to you and your business entity, he/she must be replaced.

No advisor worthy of his/her name should "cost you money" by destroying your wealth.

Our firm is exceptionally qualified to guide you with your business entity needs along the lines previously discussed whether that need involves:

  • ​Forming or Servicing a Sub Chapter S or Schedule C Corporation
  • ​Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Partnership with Limited Liability (LLP, LLLP)
  • General Partnership
  • ​Limited Partnership
  • ​Franchise Formation or Servicing
  • ​Contract Negotiations
  • ​Financial Consulting
  • Tax Planning
  • ​Business Litigation
  • ​Purchase or Sale of a Business
  • ​Personal Asset Protection from Creditors