Looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney in Stow or Hudson, OH? The following information may help you and answer some of your questions.

​After 6 complete years of struggling with debt, an ancient law permitted debt discharge, a fresh start, the seventh year was called a year of Jubilee since the debtor was now debt free (ancient law of Moses).

​There is no way to rebuild something that is so damaged it defies reconstruction. Absent a miracle (winning the lottery) extensively damaged credit is not fixable absent complete demolition and a fresh start. This was the wisdom contained in the ancient law.

​With "income" and "paying your bills on time" after filing you can reconstruct your credit and go on with your life. Hilton, Campbell,Disney and many, many more filed bankruptcy before they become financially successful and wealthy.

Don't buy into the "Banker's Lie" that once you file bankruptcy you will never get credit or own anything again. It's in the banker's best interest to convince you of this lie. The truth is this: If you have irreparably damaged your credit and you don't file bankruptcy, the banker's statement becomes true, since your "bad credit" will hound you for the rest of your life.

​Don't be fooled, if you are in financial trouble, seek out a qualified bankruptcy lawyer and file. Chances are you may still be able to keep your car, your furniture, your clothing, etc., even though you file.​

​We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for Bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. The services or benefits provided are with respect to bankruptcy relief under Title 11 United States Code.