In America, there is no “right” to drive a motor vehicle. Driving is considered a “privilege” granted by the State.

Keep the following in mind if you are stopped by a police officer.


If you do not comply with the law, your driving “privilege” will be taken away.


You must do all you can to protect your driving privilege since without it, it is next to impossible to be economically sustaining in today’s society.


If you are stopped by a Police Officer, REMAIN SILENT, since everything you say and do will be used against you in court to secure a conviction.


Most people in jail today “consented” to be there. Most people in jail today incriminated themselves through their own words and conduct. REMAIN SILENT, it is your right and only you can waive it.


Police Officers are trained observers. They will carefully watch everything you do and note everything you say and even how you say it. REMAIN SILENT, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by the State. Don’t help the Police Officer and the State convict you.


If you must enter a “plea” prior to consulting with counsel always plead NOT GUILTY. This is a legal term of art that is designed such that if you think you may be guilty, to say NOT GUILTY would be a lie. This linguistic problem obviously helps law enforcement. Don’t buy into it, NOT GUILTY means; “State, prove that I am guilty” and no more.


Secure the services of a lawyer as soon as possible so that his/her superior knowledge of the legal system can be used to protect your rights and defend you within the bounds of the law.


Hiring a lawyer “levels the playing field” so that your lack of knowledge of the legal system will not be used to destroy your constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.


Follow the advice of your lawyer so he/she can assist you with special issues like reinstatement, vehicle release, driving privileges and insurance. Remember, your lawyer represents you and is bound by attorney-client privilege. What you tell your lawyer cannot be used against you.