Workers Compensation Lawyer in Stow & Hudson, OH

You cannot be fired for filing a claim. Workers Compensation Laws are designed to protect employers and not employees. In 1913 the Constitution for the State of Ohio was amended to limit your right to go to court to be compensated for work related injuries in exchange for a basket of benefits that would pass to injured workers without a showing of fault on the part of the employee. Unfortunately over the years, this basket of benefits has gotten smaller and smaller. It has become harder and harder to receive these benefits while at the same time, the right to secure unlimited redress in court has not been returned to you as an employee.

Employers have no legal duty to advise employee's about workers compensation benefits.

The complexity of the workers compensation system prevents many injured workers, who do not possess superior knowledge of the system, from securing just compensation.

The lawyer adds his knowledge of the system to the injured parties claim thereby enabling the injured party to receive a just recovery, since the lawyers job is to enforce and protect the rights of the client for that recovery.

Fees for the lawyer are percentage based thereby requiring no "retainer" to secure his services.

Your right to recover under workers compensation can last a lifetime, certainly well beyond the date of injury or the date of return to work.

Your knowledgeable workers compensation lawyer can take you through this complex maze of law and represent your interests within the bounds of the law as it presently exists.

Our Firm has been servicing clients like you for 36 years and is exceptionally qualified to guide you through your workers compensation matter whether that need involves:

  • Temporary Total Compensation
  • Permanent Partial Compensation
  • Wage Loss
  • Receipt of Living Maintenance
  • Payment of Medical Expenses
  • Permanent Total Compensation
  • Lump Sum Settlement
  • Recovery Violation of Specific Safety Requirements